Bugs We Own (See Bugs we've Found)

Guinness (Latest Info)

Guinness wants to join you at your favorite Irish Pub, wherever that may be. He ultimately would love to visit his homeland and spend time in Real Irish Pubs. Take a picture of him while enjoying a Guinness (don't forget to tell us where) and pass him on to help acheive his goal! Thanks!

Whisk (Latest Info)

Whisk was inspired by the FoodTV show, A Cook's Tour. He would like to partake on a cook's tour of his own and join you in eating 'strange and unusual' foods. Bring him along to witness your dining experience. Don't forget to log what you tried and add pictures, if possible!

What do we mean by 'strange and unusual'? Basically, anything you would not think of trying on your own. Here are just a few examples: Cow's Tongue, Sesos - or Cow's Brain, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Pig's Feet, Gator, Tripe, Bugs of any sort, Etc.

Toto (Latest Info)

His goal is to get back to Kansas, USA.

Kansas (Latest Info)

To travel the world.

Willie the Wildcat (Latest Info)

Willie's goal is to tour the country, visiting as many college towns as possible. Live it up, Willie!

Willie's home is in Manhattan, Kansas - home of the Kansas State University Wildcats. He can take on many forms, but here he is what is affectionately known as 'The PowerCat'. Grrrrr!!

Bottle Bottlenose (Latest Info)

The Bottled Bottlenose Travel Bug is involved in a coast-to-coast race from Mt. Tamalpais California back home to the Tampa Airport Travel Bug Portal. Please help him get to the finish line first.

SCUBA (Latest Info)

He would like to make a journey from the heartland of America - Kansas - to as many oceans/seas/bodies of water as possible. Ultimately, SCUBA would like to visit a multitude of underwater caches.