Bugs We've Found (See Bugs we Own)

Chip (Latest Info)

"Chip would like to see the Corporate head quarters of all his idols: Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Intel, AMD, and of course Microsoft. If possible please include photos for Chips family in Oklahoma."

Lorrie Morgan Bus (Latest Info)

"The Lorrie Morgan Tour Bus wants to visit as many different country music venues, in as many states as possible, and eventually return to Branson, MO, to retire to one of the Happy Hopper caches (that will be there by that time)."

IBIG (Latest Info)

"I am trying to visit every cache in New Mexico. I don't know how long this will take, but I'm willing to wait. When I have finished my task, I want to return to a cache near Rio Rancho. I hope I will see some interesting sites! ."

This Little Piggy Went To --- (Latest Info)

"This little piggy loves to travel and see new places. He also likes to have his picture taken at as many places as possible and posted at his sight. Please help full fill his dream. ."

Humuhumunukun-ukuapua'a Homing Fish (Latest Info)

"Humu's goal is to return home to Hilo, Hawaii. Along the way, she'd like to have her picture taken with mothers and sons. Humu's a very finicky fish, though, and does not want to travel to more than one cache with the same person, so please do not log her in and out of caches."

Juliette Bear Scout (Latest Info)

"Hi! My name is Juliette Bear Scout. I am a member of Girl Scout Troop 1989 in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are going to Toronto, Ontario in June and I have been sent ahead as an advance "scout". In Toronto we will be meeting up with the 544th Pathfinders, who are Canadian Girl Guides. If you could help me get to Toronto I would really appreciate it. I need to be there by June 24th.."

Clyde the Horse (Latest Info)

"Hi, Iím Clyde the horse my journey started at Grand Central station in C.A. by LAX My home is in Big Bear City C.A. I would like to travel around the world. Please help!!!! ."

The California Friendly Frog (Latest Info)

"Frogs like to be by the water. So this little friendly frog must only be put in caches that are close to the water. Water must be within 100 feet. I have enclosed "California Frog" in a plastic bag for protection. "

Purple Pride Pig (Latest Info)

"My mission is to travel anywhere EAST of the Mississippi River for 15 months, have my picture taken at famous places, then return to Wichita Kansas in time for Thanksgiving 2003 for a big family reunion. "

Curley (Latest Info)

"Curley would love to travel the world, both near and far. His two friends Moe and Larry are also traveling. They would love to meet but are independent. Curley likes pictures to document his travels."

Tok of Dendron (Latest Info)

"Tok of Dendron is on a journey. His goal is to achieve self-actualization before reaching a geocache near Kent, OH where he will be reunited with his mentor at Mission Control and his fellow space travelers. He will need photos that will demonstrate his self-actualization and will help document his journey."

Randall (Latest Info)

"Randall wants to thumb a ride from place to place and eventually make it back to the Oh Those Falls Cache in Olathe Kansas 66061, sometime in 2004."

Big Birds Mail Truck (Latest Info)

"To travel in his Mail Truck (anywhere mail is delivered) visiting Geocaches near towns and cities with different Zip Codes. When his attached log is nearly full, he is to travel back home to Zip Code 57701 to a Team Family Affair cache near Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. "

Happy the Hippo (Latest Info)

"Hippos are happiest near water. Happy would like to visit caches near the water. "

Ping (Latest Info)

"I would like to travel around the Tampa Bay area before setting out on longer journeys."

Leo (Latest Info)

"I was born in North Fort Myers,Florida. I like to have fun with other lions. I can beat anyone at a staring contest. I want to go around the world to explore. My owner never got out of Florida so I want to do it for her."

Spread the PEACE (Latest Info)

"Because of rising world tensions... we thought this would be the perfect TB to travel from place to place spreading the PEACE to the cache's we can't make it to!"

Easter Lamb (Latest Info)

"This travel bug has no particular goals other than to see as many caches as it can. The Easter Lamb would love to visit other countries far away, and have it's picture taken at every cache if possible."

Rescue Bug (Latest Info)

"The Rescue Travel Bug will move throughout the United States providing care to other Travel Bugs in distress. "

Mike's Evil Twin (Latest Info)

"Blown to and fro by the wind, Mike's Evil Twin wants to cause trouble where ever He goes. So don't keep Him around too long."

Rubix Cube Travel Bug (Latest Info)

"My objective is to start out as a solved Rubix Cube, get all mixed up, then be solved again in a new place. "

GEO Gorilla (Latest Info)

"Well, the gorilla didn't seem to get directions well, so he'll just wander around. "

The Tampa Key (Latest Info)

"You must find this travel bug to gain access to THE TAMPA KEY CACHE. This travel bug has the proper coordinates written on it to make it possible to find THE TAMPA KEY CACHE. "

Travel In Style (Latest Info)

"My owners took a road trip for 7 weeks in the Fall of 2001, and I want to follow approximately the same route they took and see a lot of the same things that they saw. "

Virtual Victor (Latest Info)

"Virtual Victor is the world's first VIRTUAL TRAVEL BUG. As such he can go virtually anywhere but can only be dropped off and retrieved at VIRTUAL CACHES, LOCATIONLESS CACHES or EVENT CACHES!"

Slaga- Cache In Trash Out (Latest Info)

"This bug is traveling around to remind people to Cache In, Trash Out."

Thelma & Louise (Latest Info)

"Thelma & Louise need a Road Trip! They want to visit the wide open roads of the West and see the sights. They want to see the day life, the night life and even the low life. But most of all they want to visit the Grand Canyon. After that they will go wherever the wind takes them. Yeeeeeha!"

Hootie the Owl (Latest Info)

"Travel the woods of the world "

Divided Family 2 (Latest Info)

"To leave Florida and head back to Germany, from there to Dollersheim (Austria), and then the medical camp at Graz (Austria). Maybe to eastern Europe where he fought, and finally back to Florida and the Silent Professionals cache where he can meet his cousin (DF1). !"

Feena (Latest Info)

"Send me to Egypt!"

Q. C. Puzzler 2 (Latest Info)

"The goal is to complete the puzzles while traveling the U.S."